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Solar insecticidal lamps how?

Date:2015-03-17    The click rate:3059
Now, for the sake of environmental protection, promote the use of solar insecticidal lamp for pest control, Xinxiang Green Garden New Energy Co., Ltd. is a professional production of solar insecticidal lamp company, here to introduce solar insecticidal lamp.

Solar insecticidal lamp insecticidal principles and application experience of solar physics insecticidal lamp from black light lamp, light utilization trend characteristics of pests, will Pin Zhenbo as a pest attracting new technology applied in pest control devices of adults, and the wavelength of the light to broaden the scope of 320 ~ 400nm, an increase of insect pest species; the use of light near distance long distance, wave lure insect adults flapping lamp, lamp outside with vibration frequency high voltage grid adopts the non-contact way to kill pests, pest control objective.

Need commercial power without the lamp, without trenching cable, dark light, daylight lamp extinguish, and safe to human and livestock, and can be used for field control, but also can forecast tools as a pest.

The characteristics of solar insecticidal lamp use:

1, trapping adult, the effect is remarkable;

2, reduce environmental pollution, reduce pesticide residues;

3, the control of large area, low cost;

4, the use of simple, convenient operation;

5, the optimization of the ecological environment, significant social benefits.

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