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Some camping equipment necessary

Date:2015-03-17    The click rate:2587
1 tent: choose a stable structure, light weight, strong wind resistance, rain proof performance of the double layer tent is preferred;

2 sleeping bag: down or goose down sleeping bag is light, heat preservation effect is good, but the premise is must be kept dry, environmental conditions is wet, artificial vacuum cotton sleeping bags may be the better choice;

3: the secret lies in the backpack backpack load, it will share most of the weight on the hips, backpack frame should be consistent with their physical structure, and has a strong and comfortable belt;

4 fire appliances: lighter, matches, candles, magnifier. The candle can be used as a light source, and is an excellent combustion supporting agent;

5 picnic utensils: kettle, multifunction picnic pot, sharp multifunctional folding knife, tableware;

6 special tools: the compass, map, a rope and a folding shovel, flashlight, solar camping lamp, sewing, hook and line, machetes, camera;

7 water and food: heat the meat, carbohydrates, lipids, don't forget to bring salt;

8 life box: the antidote, eliminating powder, cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, Yunnan Baiyao, analgesics, gauze, bandages, adhesive tape.

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