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Maintenance of solar street

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Solar street lamp is a new energy products, the energy saving, environmental protection. And don't need to pull wires, buried cable, charging generator. Is on the outside of the natural wind and sun can generate electricity, this new product will be subject to the broad masses of the people of all ages, solar road lamp system bright lighting manufacturers, more stable

performance, allow you to buy the heart, and at ease, so solar road lamp of daily maintenance and maintenance should be how? Below is a bright lighting lamps factory small make up and large family together to talk about the first time every day, keeping one of the cleaning can extend the solar street lamp components, the solar battery board service. As a result of the conversion rate does not drop can also be appropriate to reduce the solar tile number, also greatly saves the investment cost of battery plate.

Whether there are dust and deciduous shelter material solar panel regularly check the solar street lights on every day, once this happens, timely solve, because to do so, can guarantee that each time can absorb adequate light source, can keep the photoelectric conversion rate does not drop.

Solar street lamp interior fittings connector to inserting tightly and firmly, avoid wind swinging loose and poor contact caused by failure. Solar street lamp and the lamp post, a lamp post and cantilever fixed reliably. Sling load operations should strictly observe the operation procedures. Special attention should be paid to the power line and other lines around the hoisting equipment, and the surrounding structures, hoisting hanging point should be reasonable, should timely adjust the positioning.

Also note that:

1, the usual clean gently with a clean a feather duster flick the dust can be, be very careful.

2, if the non metal sunlamps can wipe clean with a damp cloth, careful not to rub into the power line.

3, if the metal is lighting with a dry cloth to wipe can, don't touch water.

Note that the solar street lamp post after installation and beautiful. Start from the basic construction, lights from the main control for quasi linear, and reasonably according to the road design linear change, pole straight weld repair, processing and export to avoid the main line direction, and consistent across the board.

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