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The main problems which exist in the solar street light

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Analysis of the main problems of the current existence of solar street lamp:
The unqualified parts
Panels should be said that the quality of the battery plate of normal manufacturer production is guaranteed, the relevant testing standards and testing equipment is relatively sound, the vast majority of solar street vendor can purchase from the regular factory, a little but need to note is: power test panels need special equipment. The government did not monitor the corresponding measures for the key technical indicators, Quejinshaoliang phenomena appear power battery plate makes some vendors use the battery plate, causing the power shortage, causing solar street lamp does not work properly.
Battery lead-acid battery manufacturers general formal manufacturers can warranty for three years, if two years the battery failure, its quality and there are some problems. The battery has a certain particularity, the installation site best temperature at about 25 DEG C and to maintain a constant, ventilation, and must prevent rain water more can make battery immersion, in addition the working environment temperature problem for battery effect can not be ignored.
Some manufacturers in order to save the cost of the battery installed in the lamp post or pole, temperature has a great effect by the climate, will cause some damage and reduce the service life of the battery. Battery is an important component of solar street lighting system, its performance and life span directly affect the operation effect of solar street lamp, type of battery, battery capacity, charging and discharging methods, landfill depth and the sealing effect will affect its service life. Solar street lamp generally use the colloid accumulator temperature resistance, individual providers adopt reduced battery capacity, or ordinary lead-acid batteries instead of colloid storage battery and other methods to reduce costs, shoddy, unjust enrichment, the construction unit should arouse the attention of street lamp.
All parts of light source of solar street lamp, light source accounts for the relatively low cost, but the highest failure rate. In the solar street lamp light source is used, with LED, energy saving lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, electrodeless discharge lamp is more common, the light source uses the DC input, in addition to the LED light source, the inverter will bring in some power loss, so the design, production is very professional.
All kinds of light source manufacturers a lot, but the number of qualified products manufacturers and not too much, some manufacturers tend to adopt low-cost means of product sales, in a short period of time may be faulty or even damaged, for the application of solar street lamp to cause very big negative effect. The problem of heat dissipation of the LED light source directly influences its service life, heat treatment will cause a bad light, LED light source more than 40W shall be used for cooling integrated light source.

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